There have always been teenagers, but being a teenager throughout history has changed so much compared to today.  Being a teenager in today's society is to, obviously, be thirteen to nineteen, but is much more than an age group.  Teenagers today are a group of people who are between being children and adults, who do not know how to become adults.  Teenagers are influenced from many types of people, adults and children.  Seeing so many adults, who do so many different things, makes the idea of becoming one of them so confusing to us.  Also, seeing children all around us reminds us of being less stressed an anxious, which makes it even harder to become and adult, because we don't want to.  All in All, being a teenager is the most difficult stage of life, mostly because we feel lost, scared, and trapped in a place with nobody to help us.

Teenagers in LiteratureEdit

The Catcher in the Rye:  The most accurate presentation of today's teenagers.  A story about a cynical teenage boy, who is expelled from his most recent school and takes a three day journey through New York City.

The Lord of the Flies:  The children in this story all experience a loss of innocence, which shows children developing into teenagers.  A story about a place of English schoolboys, crashing on an uncharted island, and their struggle for power.

A Midsummer Night's Dream:  The teenagers in this story, all struggle with love, and are unsure about who then really love, and who they are allowed to love.  Hermia's, the female protagonist, parents, don't want her to marry Lysandre, so she escapes with him into the forest, which represents freedom and chaos.

Siddhartha:  Though the protagonist doesn't remain a teenager throughout the etire book, his journey is similair to that of a teenager becoming an adult.  A story about Siddhartha's, a Brahmins teenager's, journey to enlightenment.


Being a teenager is, physically, the hardest part of becoming an adult.  Today, it means to be able to hold relationships, while also maintaining grades, it's a constant struggle.  There are no breaks, but then again, there aren't breaks from any parts of life.  The hardest part of being a teenager is dealing with the fact that life doesn't get better.  As a child, everything is new and everything is interesting, but as you get older things aren't as interesting.  When I was a very little kid, I could stare at a rock for hours, just thinking about it.  Time goes by so slowly when you are a little kid because you are constantly making new memories, discovering new things.  All the time that you spend bored, really does make life go by faster.  Life just keeps getting faster and faster because things get less and less interesting until you die.  That's the worst part of being a teenager, knowing that life is just going downhill, but will still be bearable enough to stick with it.  Of course there will be moments, that are great, perhaps better than anything that has ever been experienced before, but amazing moments won't be happening every day.  In no way, does this mean that life becomes bad or boring.  It could be great after you stop being a teenager.  But the most painful part of living, will always be knowing that nothing you ever do will be better than being a little kid staring at a rock.

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